I believe that when you have been through something yourself and can personally relate to a problem, obstacle, dilemma and lack of confidence, experience or knowledge, it is far easier to support and train or coach somebody else that is now in that same position. Having learnt how to deal with and manage countless situations with adopted dogs over the years and been where you are now, I can confidently deliver my services knowing how important it is for you to reach that light at the end of the tunnel. 

Every person is different and every dog is different, so I tailor our services to the individual, taking into account your needs, capabilities and comfort zones. This is all about you and your dog achieving your goals and how best to make that happen.

  • All services are delivered on a one to one basis.

  • Flexible and combined packages.

  • Out of 'traditional working hours' appointments available.

  • If I can't help I can refer you to someone who can.

  • Before and after assessment appointments.

  • Professional, friendly, reliable and experienced services.

All prices includes pre appointment preparation time, progress updates and final report.

* Please note that all services are subject to our standard Terms and Conditions and receipt of a signed Agreement. 

Coaching can include:

  • * Building confidence and awareness
  • * What being a trainer needs and how to deliver
  • * Stepping out of your comfort zone
  • * Bonding with your dog
  • * Dealing with change/adapting life
  • * Bereavement
  • * General support, coping mechanisms and moving forwards
Our coaching sessions are delivered online. These can cover a combination of topics if required and are tailored to suit you.

Dog Training can include:

  • * Confidence building for the dog
  • * General obedience
  • * Re-association
  • * Identifying comfort zones
  • * Fear based phobias
  • * Lead walking
  • * Socialisation
  • * Separation anxiety
  • * The owner/dog bond
  • * Outings etiquette
This can be delivered online or in person. We will concentrate on one subject at a time, but you are welcome to book further sessions to cover additional areas.

Virtual Services

Virtual services are fast becoming the preferred method of education due to the daily commitments and pressures in life. 

I offer to deliver my services online for a number of reasons, primarily as I firmly believe that it offers a much more relaxed approach and you can choose your own preferred environment where you feel most comfortable.  I can also work with you in any location, providing a much broader service.

With regular sessions we will build a rapport and find a schedule that fits around day to day life for you.

If you would to have a no obligation chat, book an appointment or have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us…