About Totally Dog Network

After years of adopting dogs with various problems, we have created the Totally Dog Network to help people to handle the different issues that may arise when having a dog and to show that a dog with problems is not the end of the world.

Too many dogs get overlooked in rescue shelters when people are put off by behavioural and health matters that can be perfectly manageable. In addition, those who already have dogs with issues may not be able to cope, know what necessary steps to take or feel that they are out of their depth.

Totally Dog Network is designed to support, educate and encourage so that you see past the obvious to the potential, learn, persist and not give up on a dog that needs special understanding. With our help you will develop management strategies, develop training skills, become more tolerant and patient, amenable and flexible to different needs, and be able to stand by a dog that needs you.

We are here to help you work through the troublesome times and save your sanity.

Our inspiration behind Dogs with Probs. Meet Tyler, an 8 year old American Bulldog who came home from Dogs Trust on 31st March 2021. He was rescued from his first home due to abuse, he was then handed into rescue by two further owners because of various issues with his behaviour.

Tyler sat in kennels for six months, he was overlooked because of his breed, size, strength, age and the complications that he came with. Admittedly, not everyone can take on such a commitment and we wouldn’t judge anyone for not, but if people had taken the time to get to know him they would have seen what we see, a poor dog that just needs love and stability, and given a chance by loving owners who will stand by him and not give up.

Tyler is an absolute angel, anxious to please and desperate to be loved. We are so glad we saw past his problems and believed we could be the ones to give him what he needs. Whatever he throws at us we will stand by him, helping him through any challenges that arise.