For us it is all about the dogs and their people. Totally Dog Network is here for anyone that needs that little extra understanding:

  • We can provide YOU support when no-one else understands or will listen.
  • We can listen to YOU let off steam, scream and shout!
  • We will help YOU with training your dog to improve behaviour and pass these skills on to you.
  • We can personally relate to YOUR grief and stress caused by a difficult pooch.
  • We will never judge or patronise YOU.
  • We can help improve confidence and extend comfort zones for YOU and YOUR dog.
  • We try to avoid the technical jargon so we don't confuse YOU.
  • We aim to teach YOU how to cope, manage and deal with problems and obstacles.
  • We want to educate YOU how best to move forward positively.
  • We genuinely want to help improve life for YOU and YOUR dog.
  • We want to assist and equip YOU with knowledge if you are looking to take on a new dog.
  • We will tailor all our services to YOU individually.
  • We will provide ongoing support to YOU for as long as is needed.
  • We can also provide YOU with help in the event of losing your dog.

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