Army Veteran takes on the UK’s Poop Problem with Eco-Friendly Solution

Former professional dog-walker Nick Avery has seen and overcome many challenges, but it was the latest trend of decorating the nation’s beauty many spots with colourful plastic hanging bags during the lockdown that called the former Veteran of conflicts – both sides of the equator – back into action, and this time… it was personal!

“I’ve always been an outdoors kind of person. I am sure many dog-owners like me will agree that our four-legged friends have been a lifesaver during the crisis – whether that be the daily exercise that goes with our passion or the companionship that a pet provides. I was a PT and weapons instructor in the Airborne forces and keeping things tidy and deploying and teaching good habits and discipline was the world I knew and still believe in”.

Nick adds, “I can’t say when I noticed that trees became the fashionable place to hang full bags of poop, but what I am certain of, is the explosion happened over the last year. I couldn’t believe it. In fact, I would believe you more if somebody said this would be an entry for this year’s Turner Prize! It’s not only offensive, unsightly and potentially dangerous, but it’s frankly downright rude! There’s simply no excuse in 2021 for dog owners to be so lazy and we all know the impact of plastic on our environment, and how our local environment is so important to our mental health”.

Nick created his Pawfect bag a year ago in response. His bespoke, eco-friendly, easy-to-use ‘Poop & Carry Bag’ is a genuine breakthrough in paw professional care and convenience. It’s ‘Made in Britain’ – something Nick shares with pride – and the bags are stylish, simple, durable and there are seven colours to choose from. Each bag has two removable inner pockets: one is for leads, clean bags and balls. The second is a machine-washable pocket, to place the pre packed poop, ready to bin at home. 

 “As I walk around the UK – from the Brecons, to coastal paths; from the moors to the Highlands. Every other tree and bush it seems, has a bag hanging from it. It makes no sense at all, and 99% of dog walkers I speak to agree: it’s almost as bad as leaving the poop in place!”

So, entrepreneur and inventor Nick is on a new mission: a drive to change attitudes, clean-up our precious shared spaces and provide a practical and easy solution to one of the greatest public eyesores of our time.”

Not content with just a single colour, with orders coming-in, Nick has recently expanded the range to include pastel colours and a khaki line too, of course!

No nonsense Nick has also deployed an equally unconventional marketing strategy – from stopping dog walkers and making sales on the hoof, to lobbying TV celebrities in a call to arms. Social media has also been an early success, and has led to the next big order. Bags currently are selling each bag for £29.99 including postage and packing and all deliveries are Royal Mail first class.

Nick shares – “We’ve had some terrific feedback and this solves a problem, whilst helping to keep our environment clean, our profession professional and makes things just that little bit easier. This keeps your hands free to do the job we love.”

Nick is charismatic in the extreme, not short of a story or two and has a mean Paddington stare. He’s more than happy to participate in interviews to spread the message and delete the UK’s poop problem in the Pawfect way!

Please have a look at Nick’s website Pawfect Bags | Dog Management Bags | Hygienic Dog Bag Solution and if you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact him