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  • Are you struggling with your dog's behaviour?

  • Does your dog need some training?

  • Are you fighting to keep your sanity?

  • Is your dog's behaviour affecting family life?

  • Do you feel that others don't understand?

  • Are you finding it hard adapting to change?

  • Have you experienced a bereavement or loss?

  • Do you need support coping?

  • Are you struggling to bond with your dog?

  • Do you or your dog lack confidence?

  • Do you simply want to learn more to help your dog?

Learn how to overcome and manage your dog behavioural problems with ongoing coaching and training support tailored to meet your needs. Build confidence and knowledge to improve life for you and your dog.

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Why choose Totally Dog Network?

  • We are friendly, compassionate and understanding.

  • We are professional, yet avoid technical jargon that can be confusing.

  • We have learnt from the professionals.

  • We do the job because we genuinely care and enjoy it.

  • We do not judge or patronise.

  • We do not apply pressure.

  • We are good listeners and communicators.

  • We will always give an honest opinion.

  • We will look at the bigger picture, see effects and impacts.

  • We are affordable and value for money.

  • We have our own personal experiences and can relate to yours.

  • We will go the extra mile to help where we can.

  • We offer 'out of hours' appointments to accommodate for work commitments.

Happy customers are what it's all about...

Jenny has so much experience with different dog issues and has helped me to understand a lot more when it comes to building their confidence and mine.


I'm really pleased to have found Jenny, she has helped to take the pressure off and is always there when I need her.